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When I´m asked to face all the steps
to take me where I go
It´s only a question of belief
feeling underpreassure
knowing that the favour isn´t there
going down step by step I know where I go

Do you think like me?
otherwise you´re no good

Only my good-will will come around to speak
when I try to figure how to be
it´s only repression coming to question me
am I already dead to those that want to dominate me?

Do you think like me?
otherwise you´re no good.

Dominate me as if I had no will
but only what could be

I only wanted to be free
´cause otherwise I could be good to no-one but you
but only what could be
that drives my people from surrendering to you
I´ll grow to find you and kill you if necessary

With hunger I´ll shake
with hunger I´ll protect
this is my people



from Liberto!, released May 5, 2014
Música: Sonia Linares Berroy, David Chueca, Pere Masdeu, Francesc Sáez, Bertrand Magnier
LLetras: Sonia Linares Berroy
Producció musical: David Chueca.
Grabació i Mixing: David Chueca.
Mastering: Yves Roussel.

Sonia Linares Berroy: Veu, Guitarra espanyola, segones veus

David Chueca: Guitarres eléctriques acústiques, pianos, rodhes, programació, segones veus.

Francesc Sáez Gutierrez: Percussió, segones veus.

Pere Masdeu: Bateries, saxo, seognes veus.

Bertrand Magnier: Baix, segones veus.



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Et-Co* Barcelona, Spain

Et-Co* Ethnic-Contemporary is my solo project, bringing together the art music of the east (World music & Occidental genres).
Awaken by the art of imagination, beauty & darkness, I use a language that transforms experiences into musical reflections, sensations and an awareness of life that allow me to discover my perception of the world.
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